what are the best clothes hangers for you?

by:Awards Medal     2020-01-14
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HangersI has been looking for the best hanger for my wardrobe.
I didn\'t really care about them until they damaged some of my favorite clothes.
My family has used different types over the years.
Most are cheap plastic hangers purchased in bulk.
Some of them stained my white shirt.
Others had a gap in their shoulders and left a bump on my shirt.
I know it would be different to have the right hanger.
Your clothes will last longer and you don\'t have to change them often.
Interestingly, these items were so insignificant to me in the past.
I think the cheaper one is the better one (
Because they are cheaper! ).
This is not always the case.
Sometimes we need to pay a little more to save more money.
That being said, I\'m not going to buy clothes hangers that are overpriced.
They should be made of quality materials at reasonable prices.
It takes some time to select the hanger.
The life of the wardrobe is in the hands of the hanger.
Or rather, on their shoulders.
The space at home is very limited.
My wardrobe is not big enough.
I decided to buy wire hangers because they were thin and could add more space to my wardrobe.
I thought I was a genius, but then I found that I made a big mistake.
My wardrobe has indeed become more spacious.
But my clothes are out of shape.
The tip part of the hanger left a bump on my shirt.
Looks exciting.
What\'s worse, the wire hanger is heavier than my plastic hanger.
My fragile hanger is no longer able to bear the weight, so the pole and all my clothes have fallen off.
I decided to buy a stronger hanger, completely avoiding the wire hanger.
I gave my wire hanger to my dad and it worked great for him.
My dad\'s shirt is wider than the hanger, so it doesn\'t create bumps on his clothes.
My dad also used a strong wooden wardrobe, so it doesn\'t matter if the hanger is heavy.
Is this for you if you need to make the most of the space?
Just make sure your clothes are wider than the hangers.
In addition, avoid using wire hangers when hanging wet clothes.
Wire hangers are oxidized and can stain your wet clothes.
Credit: Amazon plastic hanger because it is made of plastic, it doesn\'t look as good as metal peers in my opinion.
But the good thing is that it won\'t rust, so you can hang your wet clothes on it without worrying.
It\'s convenient to have some at home.
Needless to say, choose sturdy ones so they will last longer.
Check the coat of hangers to make sure they don\'t get your clothes dirty.
Better yet, choose transparent.
Plastic hangers are needed for every family.
It is safest to hang wet clothes on hangers. Whitmor 6672-2396-5 Sure-
Grip set hanger, 5 sets Amazon price: $11. 99 $8. 18 Buy Now(
Prices as of June 8, 2016)
I love the shoulder of the hanger and the blue rubber on the lower bar.
They are very practical.
Not only can they prevent the shirt from slipping, they can also prevent the pants or any clothes you hang on the bar from slipping.
You can also use it to dry your clothes.
A customer said she had a wet knit shirt on it that had no stretch collar.
It\'s a luxury and I can\'t have it because of my limited space.
In addition to the appearance, I like the feeling and sound of sliding wooden hangers in the wardrobe.
This hanger is usually large in size, but it is designed to prevent damage to the clothes.
The only thing I don\'t like is that I can\'t hang my wet clothes on it.
Or can I do that for you? There are some problems hanging wet clothes on wooden hangers.
Some people say it will dirty your clothes.
Others say it depends on completion.
I\'m not sure about this because I don\'t have a wooden hanger.
If you don\'t like to take risks, wash your clothes with plastic clothes.
Credit: Amazon fabric padded hanger this is another hanger I want but I can\'t because of my small closet.
This is for exquisite clothing that requires special care.
It looks beautiful and adds style to your wardrobe.
If you have clothing that you will not use for a long time, is this for you (e. g.
Premium dress jacket)
It will be safer to use padded hangers.
Other types of hangers may leave marks or dents on your clothes, especially when you let them hang for a few months (or years).
Several beauty masters recommend the use of felt hangers.
They may be a bit expensive, but they hold your clothes well and keep them for longer.
These hangers also make your wardrobe look more beautiful.
Is this for you? I think hangers are more attractive to women than men.
There are many styles and fabrics for women\'s wear.
Some clothes are too delicate to hang on wires or plastic hangers.
Velvet shirt/hanger
Price of 50 PackAmazon: $17. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of June 8, 2016)
These velvet hangers are lightweight, sturdy and slim.
Metal hooks can be turned to facilitate hanging and finishing.
The velvet surface and notch shoulders prevent your clothes from slipping.
If you have several belts, scarves, ties and other accessories, you may need a different type of hanger.
See a lot of beauty masters using ring hangers.
A ring hanger is like a key. chainxa0-
Open the ring and insert all the buckles into the ring.
When you want to get a specific belt, all you need to do is move the buckle to the opening of the ring.
It is very powerful and does not take up much space.
Some belt hangers are U-shaped.
Not a cycle.
Personally, I think the ring is better than U-
Because you don\'t need to take out some belts before you get the belt you like.
Credit: Amazon\'s scarf shop usually has a row of rings for each scarf.
The ring should be large enough to accommodate bulky scarves.
They can also be used for ties.
These hangers are designed to allow you to see everything at the same time.
Make sure the surface is smooth to prevent damage to the scarf or tie.
This is a casual pants designed for hanging pants.
Unlike the standard hanger, it has an opening on one side so you can easily retrieve the pants.
Credit: Amazon you need different kinds of hangers before you buy them, check out your wardrobe.
Some people like to have uniform hangers, while others like to have different hangers.
If you have all kinds of clothes (T-
Shirts, fine shirts, vests, sweaters, windbreaker)
, You might want different types of hangers for each outfit.
If you are a person living in a tropical country and you have almost only shirts and pants/shorts in your wardrobe, you may want a uniform hanger.
They will make your wardrobe look very neat and organized.
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