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Host Rachel Cherry: Thank you for staying with us for an hour at home.
Republican President Michael Steele\'s use of the term \"tea bag\" at the Republican Party\'s reinvention conference today has received great cheers.
The legacy of Donald Lombard has been hit another blow because Vanity Fair published the condemnation of one of his aides.
Democrats in Congress thinkas Keith said—
The way to close Guantanamo
Yes, Democrats do.
In the next hour, all of this will appear.
But we\'re calling from one tonight-
A man named Lieutenant Colonel Victor ferrenbach.
15 fighter pilots, 18-
Veteran of the US Air Force.
On September 11, Lieutenant Colonel Fehrenbach was selected as a member of the initial alarm team immediately after the 9/11 attack.
The following year, on 2002, he carried out combat missions in Kuwait, attacking Taliban and al-Qaida targets. After the U. S.
During the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Lieutenant Colonel Fehrenbach was deployed there to carry out a flight combat mission in support of Operation Freedom in Iraq.
During his career, he has flown 88 combat missions, including the longest in the history of his squadron.
He recorded more than 2,000 flight hours, nearly 1,500 fighter hours and 400 combat hours.
The decoration of Lieutenant Colonel Fehrenbach is also very good.
He won nine Aviation medals, including heroism.
The experienced, beautifully decorated fighter pilot said 18 years after serving in the air force that he was ready and willing to deploy again and that he was ready for whatever his country and the US Air Force had asked him to do.
The military is shooting at him now.
The United States has just informed him. S.
His career is over.
After 18 years in service, he was able to get a full air force pension retirement in less than two years, and he was \"no\" by the army --
Ask, Don\'t tell the policy.
Despite recorded heroism and a flawless career;
Despite the fact, he estimates that the United StatesS.
The military spent about $25 million to train him and Lieutenant Colonel Fehrenbach will be released.
He was told that he would be discharged on September.
He and his lawyers tried to postpone the appeal as long as possible, hoping that the new president would honor the repeal he made as a candidate \"don\'t ask, don\'t say.
This has not happened so far.
But today there are two important developments in this regard.
First, the Obama administration decided to accept a ruling from the appeals court in favor of another retired air force pilot.
Basically, the ruling says the government has to prove why the ongoing service of gay service members
In this case, a woman
A threat to military discipline.
The Obama administration could have appealed to the Supreme Court, but they chose not.
Another development is far less promising.
It\'s from the Pentagon, and the Pentagon announced today that it didn\'t end the plan of \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say,\" and they said, don\'t expect to be asked soon to end \"don\'t ask, don\'t tell \". (
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Pentagon press secretary geoff morrell: I don\'t think there is any plan in the building for some expected but not expressed expectations, that is, \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say\"
Before Congress takes other action, the view of the building \"don\'t ask, don\'t say\" is the law of the land.
As far as I know, David, the law is expected to change and there is no internal planning work going on. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Lieutenant Colonel Victor Ferenbach is now in danger of his imminent dismissal from the army, which is his decision to challenge but has so far failed.
Lieutenant Colonel Victor Ferenbach was his first time to attend our interview.
Thank you very much, sir, for joining us tonight.
Thank you for your service. LT. COL.
Victor ferrenbach has been retired for being gay: Thank you, Rachel.
You have been in the air force for 18 years.
What is your response when you find out that you are being investigated and then discharged from the hospital?
Ferenbach: Rachel, I was destroyed and completely destroyed.
The Air Force is my life.
I was born at Air Force Base.
The Air Force is part of my family.
I have been in service for 18 years, and I still have two years to retire.
So, basically, as I know, I\'m facing the end of life.
MADDOW: do you expect you to redeploy at some point when you find out they want you out?
FEHRENBACH: of course.
In fact, two weeks before all this was exposed
I\'m sorry I was expected to deploy two weeks after all this was exposed.
MADDOW: two weeks after they told you they were going to take you out, are you expected to deploy?
So you were informed on September.
I know the chances of President Obama winning the election.
On September, you were told that the election was on November.
Considering how you decided to proceed with the appeal here.
How is it considered?
FEHRENBACH: of course. This—
First of all, the allegations were first exposed in September and I didn\'t receive the paperwork until that time.
My initial reaction was that I just wanted this to go away.
I want a quick, quiet, fair and decent discharge.
But the more I think about how wrong this policy is, the more I feel that I have to fight.
Perhaps, from my unique perspective, I can speak freely and help others during this period. So .
Do you think Obama will end this policy if he is elected president?
Frenbach: Yes.
I am full of hope around September.
In fact, when I changed my decision and decided to fight, because I do want President Obama to fulfill his promise to change policy and start a No. discrimination.
MADDOW: Obviously there is a strong sense of urgency in your life right now, that is, \"Don\'t ask, don\'t tell.
Yes, yes.
MADDOW: You know, you saw the Pentagon spokesman speak today, and you heard all the conversations that Washington was discussing on this issue. And there just—
In this regard, it seems that policymakers and politicians do not have the same sense of urgency.
One of the things that is proposed is that even if Congress cannot change policy immediately, President Obama can show his sincerity by taking administrative action, not ending the policy, but stopping the implementation of the policy, there are many benefits for people like you. To stop—
Suspend the implementation of the policy before it can be reviewed.
Will you support such a thing?
FEHRENBACH: Well, Rachel, this is an immediate solution for me and it will help with my case.
But as far as my understanding is concerned, this is a temporary solution.
I think we need a permanent solution from Congress.
I hope they can act, and I hope the president can act quickly, deliver on his promise to us and put forward a no. discrimination.
MADDOW: how do you react to the overall argument behind this policy?
I mean, supporters of this policy say, you personally, you are gay and have a negative impact on the good order and discipline of your Squadron.
What do you think?
FEHRENBACH: Well, it\'s definitely fake.
Basically I went to my board and one of the board\'s findings was that my presence was inconsistent with good order, discipline and morale.
The fact is that for the last 369 days I have been going to work every day and doing my duty has no effect on morale, discipline and good order.
For about 4,000 people assigned to the mountain air base, and about 10 people throughout the base, until this moment they even knew about my case.
This is my direct chain of command.
There are several lawyers in the legal office and several investigators in the special investigation office.
Until now, none of the people I was assigned to fly with my fighter squadron in the squadron knew about the case.
MADDOW: I want to ask something that has nothing to do with \"Don\'t ask, don\'t tell\" so I want people to remember you.
I hope people will think of you when they think about this policy.
May I ask you? I hope you don\'t mind me asking.
It\'s best to ask in advance if this is OK?
Can you tell me about the Air Medal you got for heroism?
Of course.
I think I can tell you the exact date.
It was April 3, 2003.
Basically, the army made initial progress in Baghdad and first occupied the Baghdad International Airport.
Our initial mission was to destroy any enemy position that we found could stop them from moving forward.
So, after we destroyed a few missile launchers, we actually found an ambush in Iraq --
About 12 armored personnel carriers, less than a mile from the army.
We can see the army advancing to the airport.
At that time, my wingman had a major failure and he was unable to deliver the weapon.
So in just 15 to 20 minutes we were able to use all the weapons from my plane, and as we were constantly being attacked by AAA, I guided all the weapons from my wingman, I believe we were attacked about eight times on the surface. to-air missiles.
So you completely destroyed the enemy\'s position?
We removed the entire location.
That night, the army occupied Baghdad International Airport.
Lieutenant Colonel Victor Ferenbach, 18
Veterans of the United StatesS.
Air Force, received his discharge letter on September 2008-good luck.
Thank you for talking to us tonight.
Thank you, Rachel.
Today, after the Republican president tried to launch
Bush/Cheney, after
Republican McCain/Palin0.
There are some problems in the speech, but despite this, there are still a lot of warm applause.
Steve Benen will discuss it with us.
Why are Democrats in Congress blocking the Obama administration\'s plan to close Guantanamo?
I don\'t know, I have been thinking and reading all day.
We will get some help later from congressman Adam Shiff.
But one more thing first.
The latest person to make a sad voice for President Obama\'s best position on \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say\" is Megan McCain.
In the \"Colbert Report\" last night, she had such a statement about the president\'s postponement of the repeal of \"Don\'t ask, don\'t tell. ”(
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Senator Megan McCain
McCain\'s daughter: I believe the Republican Party is a safe place for the gay community.
President Obama said he would abolish \"don\'t ask, don\'t say \".
\"I think I\'m still waiting for this with a lot of people.
For the gay community, Democrats are not necessarily better than Republicans. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: when a Republican says that Republicans are on the same alert as the Democrats for justice and equal rights, you can\'t laugh that Republican out of the room right away --
There\'s a problem with Democrats. Mr.
President, you have a problem. (
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MADDOW: on February, Pittsburgh Steelers guard James Harrison took 100-
In order to score touchdown, the yard intercepts the return. Remember that?
By winning the game, he and the Steelers won the right to visit the White House.
Yes, the precious memory of meeting with the current president of the United States.
But not for James Harrison. Mr.
Harrison has now dismissed the idea, telling local Pittsburgh television that he will not be on a White House tour this Thursday for this reason. (
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Pittsburgh Steelers guard James Harrison: If you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, please invite us when we don\'t win the Super Bowl.
So, as far as I\'m concerned, if they win, he will invite Arizona. (END VIDEO CLIP)MADDOW: Right. Exactly.
If you win the Super Bowl, you can go to the White House with your team.
If you lose, you won\'t be invited.
Isn\'t this explained to him in advance? (
Business break)
MADDOW: Today, the Obama administration says it needs to close the $80 million Guantanamo that is known as the irrational obstruction of the Senate Democratic Party to \"not party\" refusing to give to the Obama administration. Democrats?
Yes, Democrats in the Senate voted to veto funds to close Guantanamo.
Democrats are here to stop the Democratic president\'s plan. how do we end it?
After President Obama said he would close the prison, just as President Bush said he would close it, just as McCain said he would close it, republicans decided to take a completely irrational fear of the decision.
Remember the video \"so terrible campy\" O\' fortuna \"played in the background?
The terrorists will live among you.
Chuck E will have a terrorist serving you and your family.
If you turn off the cheese from Guantanamo
Every American must accept terrorists like exchange students. Ahh! Ahh!
It doesn\'t matter, terrorists like Omar Abdul rham man, the \"Blind Sheikh\" and Eric Rudolf, timothy mcpeacekeeping, the pesky Guy, Richard Reid, and Charles \"damn\" Manson are all in jail in one of America\'s hometowns, and nothing has happened.
In fact, there is a whole new, highly secure empty prison in the depressed town of Harding, Montana, that is, if you are a highly secure environment, a prisoner is a prisoner, then you will be happy to receive up to 100 Guantanamo prisoners.
To be frank, these jobs are needed in Harding, Montana.
But the Republican campaign of horror music or other things distracted Democrats at Guantanamo.
For example, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today tried to explain himself on the issue and tied himself to a \"whose first logical pretzel\" in the process \". (
Start Video Editing)SEN. HARRY REID (D)
Senate Majority Leader: I mean, the U. S. Senate, Democrats and Republicans don\'t want terrorists to be released in the United States.
This is very clear.
Unidentified men: no one talks about releasing them.
We\'re talking about putting them in prison in the United States.
Reid: you can\'t put them in jail unless you release them.
Unidentified male: You want to clarify, sir. I mean . REID: I can‘t—
I can\'t be more clear than the statement I gave you.
We will never allow the release of terrorists in the United States. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: you can\'t put them in jail unless you release them.
As far as I know, there is usually no step in the prisoner transfer process, you just let the prisoner run freely and then you go after them again.
As far as I know, this is not part of the process.
Now we are joined by Adam Shiff, a member of the House Judiciary Committee and a California Democrat.
Member Shifu, thank you very much for joining us. REP. ADAM SCHIFF, (D)
California: It\'s great to be with you again.
Senate Democrats today said there was no money to close Guantanamo.
House Democrats made the same move last week.
Please let me know that there are some secret movements of Ninja tactics here that are beyond the eyes?
HIFF: Well, I don\'t know if it\'s a ninja strategy, there\'s a lot of things that fit the eyes.
But Democrats in both houses supported the decision to close Guantanamo.
This is the right decision.
This must be done.
Unfortunately, Guantanamo has been a tool for terrorist recruitment around the world.
More importantly, it is ineffective in prosecuting terrorists.
What we do in Congress, however, is that we basically say to the government, eight years after being excluded from the consideration of how to deal with detainees, because these are all executive orders and executive orders under the Bush administration, we do not want to continue to do so in this administration.
The House and now the Senate have detained Gitmo\'s funds, which have largely attracted the attention of the government.
In fact, I have to say, Rachel, this is very effective because, for the first time in the days after the House took action, the government announced its intention to restore the Committee to some extent.
This is the first time we have heard what the government is planning to do to detainees.
So, it has its effect.
I have to admit that this is a blunt tool, maybe not the one I chose to use.
But now it is important that, almost half of the year, if we stick to the timetable for closing prisons at the end of the year, Congress is brought up in terms of grants and legislation that may be needed to close prisons.
MADDOW: Still, there is this complex policy and political matrix here.
When Republicans try to demonize the idea of closing Guantanamo, even though Bush says he wants to close it, John McCain says he will close Guantanamo as president, where Republicans are trying to get political benefits.
If congressional Democrats try to stop funding in order to get a plan, one would want congressional Democrats to have a plan of their own, they want the White House to be involved, they\'re not just a hindrance, try to get attention without your own goals.
Is there a target for House Democrats here?
HIFF: Well, I think it\'s a fair comment.
I can only tell you that I have a plan.
Rachel, I have put forward legislation to expand the jurisdiction of the military court --
Most detainees are tried by military courts
The military system, it takes longer than our country.
This is a very effective place to balance national security issues and due process issues.
When I put it in the Appropriations Committee that I think this is the best model, because, among other things, this will allow us to stick to the rest of the world, we actually give these detainees the same due process, and when they are brought up in court, we give them our own army --Military charges.
I was laughed at by Oliver North and I think it was a great compliment to me. But so—
You know, some of us are actively looking for legislation to build models that we think are viable.
I can\'t say that behind this concept, I have united the entire Democratic caucus.
But some of us are working hard now and in the past.
I hope that I have communicated this to White House lawyers and our attorney general, which will be a process of cooperation and, in fact, we will work together.
Even if some of them can be done by executive order, the court will be more legally effective if done with Congress.
Also, I think buying is a good public policy
In Congress, how these detainees should be detained, how they should be tried, and what due process should be applied.
I think the unified military justice norm UCMJ is a good model.
MADDOW: It\'s a plan that obviously needs to be purchased --
Because every step will be controversial.
Democrats have certainly received the attention of the White House and me on this issue.
I look forward to your coming back to discuss this policy as it is already in place.
Member shifu
Thank you for joining us.
Shifu: Thank you.
Look forward to it.
MADDOW: changing tea bags and other experiments in the Republican poutrage.
It will come out of the show in a little while.
In addition, Kent Jones will introduce us to 47 million-year-old fossil.
She looks good.
As far as I know, she has a place in Florida.
It\'s all up. (
Business break)
MADDOW: Next, Michael Steele gave up the euphemism, gave up the hedge, and just used the tea bag as a symbol of the Republican Party.
Moreover, the crazy consequences of the story of Donald Ramsey\'s wartime Bible quotes that just broke out in GQ.
Now a former assistant at Rumsfeld is also starting to attack him.
This is coming.
But first, it\'s time to tell a few sacred mackerel fish stories in today\'s news.
The safety contractor Blackwater, or I should say that the safety contractor previously known as Blackwater is now known as Xe and is Iraq-related to most Americans.
In Iraq, four employees of Blackwater were killed and hanged on the lamppost in Fallujah.
It is also where Blackwater employees have been accused of killing 17 Iraqi civilians in nispur square.
There, an employee of Blackwater was accused of getting drunk on Christmas Eve and then shot dead a bodyguard for the Iraqi vice president.
This is where Blackwater was eventually kicked out by the Iraqi government, which has revoked their operating licenses in the country since this month.
Blackwater is also operating in Afghanistan.
Today, we got new details about the charges that four Blackwater employees have lifted weapons this month, one Afghan civilian died after a car accident in Kabul and several others were injured.
It was initially reported that at least two of the four Blackwater employees involved in the shooting had drunk alcohol before the incident. Today, the U. S.
The military confirmed that the contractors were employed for military training in Afghanistan and that they were not authorized to carry weapons at the time of the shooting.
Daniel J. , a lawyer for Blackwater employees
Callahan, tell us the gun is AK-
After the guns were taken away by insurgents, Blackwater or Xe issued 47 s to employees.
Four contractors are either back in the United States or are on their way home now, the lawyer said.
At the same time, we have just received the first report of the special inspector general for reconstruction in Afghanistan.
The report says there is no effective oversight of the billions of dollars paid by contractors training Afghan security forces.
According to the audit report, some contract supervisors should-
Make sure contractors do on-site inspections of what they should do in Afghanistan are actually just working in Maryland\'s Office
It\'s about 6,900 miles from where they should be monitoring.
The commute, right?
Next, five members of the Khmer Rouge, for crimes against humanity and the United Nations --
Support from the Cambodian courts.
The Khmer Rouge killed nearly 1974 people between 1979 and 2 million.
Of course, their leader is polport.
A man recruited as a photographer by the Khmer Rouge is now trying to raise money for a museum to store the artifacts he has collected from this terrible period in human history.
His biggest idea of raising money is to sell something from Pol Pot.
For sale: sandals from porport, some of his clothes, and his toilet.
The asking price is $1. 5 million.
Frankly, I will pay half the cost for the UN.
I know someone saved the portport toilet.
Finally, a follow-up
Until the only story about the reality show, it inspired the real obsession and joy of Rachel Mado\'s all-body staff.
It\'s going to be the prospect of former Illinois governor Rod Blago yeevich joining the NBC show, \"I\'m a Celebrity and let me get out of here.
\"You remember, the producers of these shows asked the governor Blago yeevich to join other stars such as actor Stephen Baldwin, who yesterday accused the president of talking about jive, there are also models Janice Dickinson and other celebrities in the Costa Ricca jungle.
There, celebrities have to complete disgusting and horrible tasks to delight the audience watching at home.
Now, unfortunately, Governor Blagojevich\'s plans to join the show have been hampered by the judge\'s refusal to allow him to travel.
Fortunately, producers have reportedly found a replacement for Rod blagoevich.
It was replaced by the governor\'s wife, Patti blagoevich.
She learned from her appearance in the federal prosecutor\'s hacking case.
A lawyer representing Patti blagouevich spoke to the Chicago Sun
Yesterday he confirmed that his client had accepted an offer from NBC and would fly to Los AngelesA.
Sign the contract this week.
We asked NBC today to confirm the casting decision and they told our producers, \"we don\'t have a comment. This is good. Mrs.
Blagoevich, if you want to talk about the stars you expect
Turn right on rachel maddow and you are very welcome. (
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MADDOW: \"This change is going on in teabag.
This is a great thing.
\"I can\'t say anything better myself. (
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Michael Steele, president of RNC: my friends, this change is going on in teabag and it\'s a great thing. (END VIDEO CLIP)
He\'s Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican Party.
So we understand the political implications of what happened today at the big meeting of the Republican National Committee, and I just want you to hear it again. (
Start Video Editing)
Steele: This change is going on in the tea bag, my friends. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: put it there.
Start over now and listen to the audience\'s reaction. (
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Steele: It\'s a great thing. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Michael Steele has finally found something that excites the Republican National Committee to stand up.
I didn\'t say it.
Nobody put this on the Republican Party.
This is not an exciting left-wing fantasy.
It was the Republicans themselves who embraced tea bags as their symbol and did so cheerfully. (
Start Video Editing)
Steele: my friends, this change was delivered in a tea bag and it was a great thing. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Great. Mr.
Steele\'s speech to members of the Republican National Committee today was wonderful.
It was promoted as a new starting point for the Republican Party.
He acknowledged two Republican mistakes, excessive spending and changes in Washington.
After admitting the two mistakes, his time to declare an apology for the Republican mistake officially ended.
It was a very short time.
After that, there was a lot of advice from Michael Steele for himself, and then Michael Steele refused his same advice. (
Start Video Editing)
Steele: We\'re going to take the President forward.
We \'ve seen strategists write memos, brief, and urge Republicans to avoid confrontation with the president.
Avoid any government that attacks him positively.
They suggested we go to Nancy Pelosi, who no one liked. (END VIDEO CLIP)
So the suggestion is, Michael Steele, we should start playing with President Obama, not with Speaker Pelosi. (
Start Video Editing)
Steele: President Obama\'s partisan fight is no longer strong, and his legislative agenda is almost entirely handed over to activists like Nancy Pelosi. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: if you keep track of forgetting about Nancy Pelosi at home, hitting the president on the rules just lasted 4 minutes and 1 second. Mr.
Steele also made it clear that the Republican Party needs to focus on the future in order for the Republican Party to rebound. (
Start Video Editing)
Steele: today we are announcing the end of the era when Republicans look back.
The Republican party will once again become a party of new ideas. (END VIDEO CLIP)
It sounds like a good plan.
Stop talking about Republican leaders. (
Start Video Editing)
Steele: So, in the best spirit of President Reagan, it\'s time to ride. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Obviously, sir.
Steele did not mention Ronald Reagan of the new always forward rule citing exceptions.
So far, there may not be a constituency in the country that is more popular than the Democrats and the good people of Lipton, tacos and Celestial Seasonings.
My friend Steve Benen is joining us now and he is writing for The Washington Monthly. com.
Steve, thank you very much for coming to this show.
Steve Ben of The Washington MonthlyCOM: Thank you.
It\'s nice to be here.
In addition to all the criticism, Michael Steele\'s speech at RNC did get a standing ovation.
Do you think that means his relationship with the rest of the Republican Party is improving?
This is possible.
My first thought when I saw them standing up was that they were really excited and he only said it zero times, but he did mention the tea bag once.
Nevertheless, I think there is a problem with President Steele.
It\'s been a disaster for months.
It has been an embarrassment for months.
These potential problems have not disappeared.
Steele\'s position as chairman still faces problems of negligence and mismanagement in RNC.
So while I think the speech has been well received, I think, in general, there is still a long way to go before the president actually holds the party firmly.
MoDo: Steve, one of the big criticisms of Steele\'s speech today is that it\'s all about being a party of new ideas, right?
But in fact, he did not come up with these elusive new ideas.
This has been a recurring problem for Republicans since Obama was elected.
Is there enough people to point this out and talk about new ideas, but not actually making any of them, and has this become an official embarrassment?
That\'s what you think.
When Steele went out of his way to say it was a party that was going to be a party of new ideas, I was struck by that and then he just let it hang there without really following up on any new ideas.
Given his role in the party, I don\'t necessarily blame him.
To be fair, it is not his job to put forward new ideas for the party, which is more the responsibility of lawmakers such as Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.
At the same time, he brought it up as a way of emphasizing meaning, but he could not actually point out any ideas. It belies a -
Undermining an argument indicates that the party has not yet fully resolved a substantive issue.
MADDOW: the other side of substantive is the name thing that\'s happening right now.
RNC will vote tomorrow on a resolution that tells Democrats they should change their name to the Democratic Socialist Party. Mr.
Steele is now opposed to this.
I think there is a report today that the sponsors of the Democratic Party\'s socialist resolution may adjust the wording by simply condemning the Democratic Party as a socialist party rather than asking them to change their name.
Could this be the middle temperature and side of RNC?
This is certainly not the face of the grammar police.
They have not forgotten the concept of the Democratic Party.
But, leaving this aside, Steele has been speaking bluntly against the resolution for quite some time, and I think part of the reason is that when he shows up on television, it is his duty to repeat
It is clear that he has been lobbying the party to give up this nonsense.
Apparently so late.
The bad news is that the party is willing to give up on this.
I think it might be a good move.
Overall, their primary goal is to ask the Democrats to change their names, which is embarrassing for the party.
It was a mistake from the beginning.
Overall, I think it\'s a good move if they give up.
Steve Ben of The Washington Monthly.
Whose blog do I watch every day?
Thank you very much for joining us.
Good night, Steve. nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Thanks Rachel.
MADDOW: So for those
The so-called Sunni Awakening, which began in 2006, has led to a reduction in violence in Iraq, which has proved likely to begin in 2004 and has saved thousands of lives in the process.
The reason why this was not done is obviously because the deputy to Donald lensfeld wanted to treat Sunnis as Nazis, and I quoted the words \"Nazis.
The bad news is that the era of Republican apology is officially over.
We will have more news about the bomb in a moment. (
Business break)
MADDOW: As Republicans continue to find meaning in political minorities, former senior members of the Bush administration continue to delegate power to people who are politically equivalent to the Downer party, eat each other to ensure their survival.
Former loyal booshey recently opposed the government on torture, and Karen Hughes, a longtime friend and adviser to President Bush, came from Washington to Texas.
She quoted the Houston Chronicle as saying, \"I was very vocal in the internal debate.
I\'m worried about what we see in the eyes of the world.
\"It\'s surprising how clear it is to have a new government in Washington.
All of a sudden, everyone remembered the extent of their opposition to torture at that time.
It was not until now that they thought of talking about it openly. (
Business break)
MADDOW: now we\'re getting new revelations every day about what\'s going on in the Bush administration, and things are going on with terrible, terrible mistakes.
This week, former Defense Secretary Donald rensfeld and his reputation were hit.
In this show last night, we received Robert Draper, President Bush\'s biographer, to discuss his presence in \"G. Q.
He interviewed a dozen George W.
Bush supporters still like George Bush, but they are very eager to say everything they say Donald Ramsey should be blamed, rather than sending troops and helicopters to Katrina, bush\'s supporters accused renshfield of not caring enough about Hurricane Rita in Texas, and did not even receive a call to control the National Guard there.
Mr Bush\'s supporters accused Mr.
The protection of uranium and plutonium from smugglers and terrorists has not continued.
Mr Bush\'s supporters accused Mr.
Reckless distribution of daily wartime intelligence briefings, with Bible scripture as the title, calls on Bush\'s crusade mentality against the war in Iraq.
Bush\'s supporters blamed it all on Lombard.
A spokesperson for Rumsfeld responded at today\'s Bible section briefing, saying that Donald Rumsfeld only saw the world intelligence update occasionally and that no one reported the update to him.
The embarrassing thing is that the cover is actually called the \"global intelligence update for the Minister of Defense \".
This makes it difficult to argue that they have nothing to do with the minister of defense.
Now is another revelation.
Jerry Jones, a former special assistant to Donald Lombard, spoke to journalist David Ross in vanityfair against Lombard.
Regarding the previously unknown Rumsfeld disaster, or in this case, the opportunity was missed in a catastrophic way.
The single factor that could be the most important in Iraq has led to a shift in violence and war in 2007 that eventually affected 2008 of Sunni tribes in western Iraq to stop fighting. S.
Instead, it cracked down on extremist groups among insurgents such as al-Qaida.
Now, former special assistant to Rumsfeld told Vanity Fair that it could have happened two years ago.
Sunnis are showing good to the United States. S.
The same proposal was made in 2004, but Paul Wolfowitz, the ideological neo-conservative deputy to Ramsfield, responded to the proposals, saying that Sunni Nazis and canceled the whole plan.
Oddly enough, we actually gave some foreshadowing to this finding in an interview last week with former UN weapons inspector Charles duerfer, in which we described Bush(
Start Video Editing)
Former United Nations weapons inspector Charles Dilver: it is important to remember the background of the times.
We just went to Baghdad.
It is April 2003.
Saddam is gone.
This is different from other situations where the United States, its enemies, all Iraqis, senior Iraqi officials at the time wanted to be on our side.
Keep in mind that this is before we make catastrophic decisions that tell the Iraqis that we will treat their troops as enemies and that all the Baath parties will be treated as Nazis. (END VIDEO CLIP)
All the parties, which are under Sunni rule, will be regarded as Nazis.
Now, Vanity Fair quotes Paul Wolfowitz twice as a Sunni Nazi in Iraq.
Once in writing, once in a meeting, twice in closing the US proposalS.
The power to work with Sunnis.
The policy was finally implemented after the departure of Lombard and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, but until then 2,000 Americans and thousands of Iraqis will be between 2004 and 2006
Now joining us is Mark Perry, the director of the conflict Forum, who is the author of a forthcoming book, talk to terrorists.
He is the main source of the story of Vanity Fair David Rose. Mr.
Perry, thank you very much for joining us.
Mark perry, conflict Forum: I\'m happy.
MADDOW: David Ross reports in Vanity Fair, in part because the documents he got from you suggest that the Sunni Awakening may have happened earlier than at the end of 2006.
Did you find the idea supported, but got kiboshed in Washington?
Perry: according to a December 2003 document, Donald lensfeld was driven by a Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting open to the Jabri tribe in Anbar.
He passed the documents to Paul Wolfowitz and the State Department, who wrote in a document I saw that, at the edge of the document, they were Nazis.
This ended an attempt by the military to open in December.
July, 2004, United StatesS.
Marines, 3rd Civil Corps, the real hero here, open to Sunni tribes, and when Paul Wolfowitz finds out he\'s crazy, he calls people at the Pentagon and says, don\'t you know, are they Nazis?
So, there\'s a real attempt to stop the army, and the military thinks it\'s a good project to be open to the Anbar tribe, the moderate of the Anbar tribe, to have them point their guns at al-Qaida and Wolfowitz, to be frank, Rice ended the situation.
MADDOW: So even if the joint chiefs of staff meeting and the Marine Corps put forward suggestions that this should be pursued, Rumsfeld has essentially delegated the decision on this issue to Paul Wolff
According to your message, \"Vanity fair\" seems to suggest again that Rumsfeld himself may think that such a settlement is a good idea.
Because he made this decision.
That\'s why it got kiboshed.
Is this true, accurate?
Perry: I will go a little further.
I know people will be shocked by this, but Donald Ramsey is a hero in a sense.
He really wanted to push this, he was stopped, he was stopped by the White House, he was stopped by Paul Bremer, he was stopped by Rice, he was stopped by Wolfowitz
I think that when the Marines were open to the rebellion, he really tried to change the way.
I\'m not saying that Donald Lombard is a hero, but he\'s not the one to stop it all.
The people who stopped it all were Wolfowitz, the State Department and Paul Bremer in Baghdad, and the Marines in Anbar ignored all of this and continued their contact.
MADDOW: Warfield does the job, but, does it?
Perry: There seems to be no problem with this.
You think an American Iraqi
The Sunni alliance in 2004 will save the lives of the United States and Iraq?
Perry: I think if this initiative is supported by policy makers in Washington.
If we are not filled with our own sense of ideological correctness.
It could have been done earlier if we were really trying to push it forward, and I think you\'re right, it would have saved thousands of lives.
MADDOW: Do you know any other examples of Wolfowitz specifically using the word \"Nazi\" when talking about Sunnis? Do you want to know anything about why he does this? PERRY: My—
My understanding is
At the end of the first Gulf War, Wolfowitz was very shocked by what happened to the southern Shiite tribe, and he was really bothered by what happened and felt guilty --
The United States has not done much to help them.
And want to really empower them in their own country.
And began to see them as a special victim.
This is what I was told that he was so forcefully pushed by what happened at the end of the first Gulf War that he took that position.
MADDOW: director of the conflict Forum, author of the upcoming book talk to terrorists, Mark Perry, thank you for your time tonight, thank you for contributing to our understanding of the subject
Perry: I\'m very happy.
Keith\'s special guest, Elizabeth Edwards, is about to enter the countdown.
Is the missing link finally found in this show?
My friend Kent Jones is investigating. (
Business break)
MADDOW: Let\'s talk now about what happened a long time ago, reporter Kent Jones. Hi, Kent.
What do you have?
Kent Jones from MSNBC: Hi Rachel.
Things long ago.
Today\'s exciting fossil News at the Natural History Museum. MADDOW: OK.
Jones: look.
Jones: Meet your great, great grandmother, Ida.
Ida is a well-preserved fossil and may be a missing link between humans and apes.
Now, 47 million years later, she has become famous.
After a remarkable arrival
At the party in New York today, book documentaries and TV specials are all about
Jurassic \"it\" girl.
Ancient biologists are still in the early stages of romance. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: This specimen is really like finding the Lost Ark for archaeologists.
Do you know what the Ark is? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: Ida is 3 feet long, a bit like a cat.
Just like with a nail and an opposing thumb, this can explain this.
Ida is part of monkeys and apes. (
Start Video Editing)
Charlton Heston, actor: take your smelly claws off of me, you damn dirty ape. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: It\'s us at the end. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified Woman: I don\'t (
Delete dirty words)
Yes, you are one.
Delete dirty words). You‘re a whore. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: Aida\'s hind legs cause primates to stand upright, scientists say.
It finally confirmed a breakthrough in Darwin\'s theory of evolution. (
Start Video Editing)
Woman: We, the American people. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: Defense is needed from time to time. Thanks, Ida. You look great. MADDOW: Wow. OK. Cat-
Like, but the thumb is right.
Jones: the opponent\'s thumb and nails, apparently standing upright, pave the way for all the Linglong animals that follow. MADDOW: Us. JONES: Yeah.
Mado: when I was with Susan for the first time, she had a 40-year-old cat and I had nightmares a lot and that cat would walk around with its hind legs and kill me.
The nightmare I had
I really like the guy I just met, but the cat and the nightmare I had over and over again was the meow-
Meow will follow me.
She\'s not really (ph)for me.
Jones: I think everything is fine.
You will be fine.
I have a \"cocktail party\" for you \". JONES: Great. MADDOW: The St.
Small League team of Saint Paul Saints.
Beautiful St. Paul, Minnesota.
Paul of Minnesota
The best thing about Little League baseball is that Little League ball has a lot of things and as you know I\'m a huge fan but very good at marketing and St.
The mascot of the Paul Saints team did a very good job.
There is always a pig in their mascot.
Oh, good.
But it has new names every year.
In 2001, their mascot was Kevin Bacon. JONES: Uh-huh.
MADDOW: It was the infamous Piggy Smalls in 2003.
Jones: It\'s inevitable.
MADDOW: 2008, it\'s Borok Ohama and it looks like Obama if you squinted.
What they have just revealed is the millionaire of the slum.
Oh, look at the slum. Fantastic.
Thank you very much, Kent. JONES: Sure.
MADDOW: Thank you for watching at home tonight and we\'ll see you tomorrow night.
Before that, you can.
Rachel @ msnbc email us
Check out our iPhone app and it\'s really cool on our website rachel. msnbc. com.
The countdown to keith olbermann begins now.
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