Schmirler\'s team left with mixed feelings on 20th anniversary of gold medal at 1998 Winter Olympics

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20 years after Sandra schmille\'s gold medal, the bittersweet feeling remains
She won a medal in 1998 Winter Olympic women\'s curling competition.
Betker, second Joan McCusker and Chief Marcia Gudereit won the first gold medal in the women\'s curling event at the Winter Olympics in January 3.
Happiness is short.
Because Schmirler was later diagnosed with cancer, he survived.
She died on March 2, 2000 at the age of 36.
The team\'s legacy is partly due to the medals and Schmirler\'s failure. to-
She is one of Canada\'s brightest sports stars.
\"I have received a lot of calls and someone is writing an article (About Schmirler)
When asked about the team\'s legacy, Goodley recalled, I was wondering \"Is there anything I can add to that ? \".
\"It\'s because of our situation, Sandra\'s tragedy, we were the first to win the Olympic gold medal in the curling competition.
There are many reasons why people respect us in their way.
\"Schmille\'s performance at the Winter Olympics was Regina-
The women\'s team is based at 1990.
Schmirler and Co.
In 1993, 1994 and 1997 won the Canadian and world championships.
After beating Calgary\'s Shannon Clapham 9-, the team ranked first in 1997 Canadian Olympic Team Trials6 in the final.
Schmirler\'s game still remembers the result.
Save the seventh round.
Schmirler performed an unlikely crossover.
3 points for delivery.
Just 10 weeks after schmiller gave birth to Sarah, the shooting took place.
\"This is probably the biggest shot in my life,\" Schmirler told reporters . \".
\"Sarah is my best courier but very close to me.
This victory means Schmirler and Co.
It is Canada\'s representative in the women\'s curling competition of the Winter Olympics.
\"They are very dominant,\" says Shannon England, Schmirler\'s husband . \".
\"From 1993 to 1998, see what they have won . . . . . . Three Canadians, three worlds and one Olympic gold medal.
You have a like (Winnipeg’s)
Jennifer Jones, who has been in curling for 12 years. She has (two)
More Canadian titles (than Schmirler)
But look at a small time frame.
They\'re too dominant.
\"So they are the biggest hit to win gold in 1998.
They\'re in 8-
0 points in the finals of national and international tournaments.
Members of the Canadian team are well aware of the high expectations of entering the Winter Olympics.
\"I remember a lot of pressure (
Olympic team after trial training)
\"Because we are involved in a lot of things that have nothing to do with curling preparation,\" said Betker . \".
\"We were distracted by other things, and we didn\'t know if we had practiced enough time on the ice.
\"The pressure is relieved once the team and the substitute Atina Ford and coach Anita Ford arrive in Japan.
The curling competition takes place in Nagano, Japan\'s main Olympic village.
The distance from the center of the Winter Olympics is an advantage for the team.
\"It almost feels like a world championship because we\'re with the curlers,\" said Betker . \".
\"Because the ring is everywhere, you always know where it is.
You still feel the pressure, but familiarity is there because it\'s just a curling match.
\"Curlers know what danger is.
\"I wouldn\'t say we were completely relaxed because we knew that every time we missed a shot, everyone was freaking out at home and wanted to know what was wrong,\" McCusker said with a smile . \".
The team won the round.
Robin part of the Winter Olympics had trouble in the semi-finals. final.
There is an extra end to the Schmirler facing a routine eight
Walk for victory and at the Gold berth-medal match.
McCusker remembers she told skip that it was just a regular draw.
The second one did not realize that some eroded Frost changed the condition of the ice, which was faster than the normal draw.
Schmille\'s shot stopped behind eight.
Gold for foot and Canada-
Medal match with heartstopping 6-5 win.
\"This is the most relaxed and emotional time I have ever experienced (after a win)
\"Because of my own lack of mental recovery, I am in a bad position,\" McCusker said . \".
\"Even so, the pressure is relieved because we know we will get medals.
The pressure on the gold market has been eased to a greater extent.
Canada scored 3 points in the first game and beat the Danish player Helena Brach lafson 7-75 in nine ends.
The winning team boarded the podium on February. 15, 1998.
This is also the first time they see medals.
\"We walked past them and refused to look at them,\" McCusker said . \".
\"The first time we saw them when they brought them out, they were very beautiful.
All the curlers realized what they had done.
\"They took out the medals. this is the hot spot.
\"At home, this really happens,\" McCusker added . \".
\"You just can\'t get yourself to the last minute ahead of time because you\'re going to freak out.
\"I still remember how special the podium was.
You will never sing in Canada in the same way, without thinking about it, or without thinking about everything that goes through your mind, the flag will rise.
It changed the singing of the entire national anthem. \"This is a life --
Change events for team members.
They are not just Canadian and world champions,
They are the gold medalists on the biggest stage of the sport.
\"This is a big deal,\" said Betker . \".
\"We were invited to do a lot of things and a lot of things fell on Sandra.
She handled a lot of concerns and requests. We had some.
This is the nature of the beast she bears as a jumper.
\"The team doesn\'t have much time to savor this achievement.
Schmille\'s 1997 Canadian title means gold.
The winner returned to 1998 Scottish heart championship as a Canadian team.
That also means they played the role in Regina six days after winning the gold medal.
\"We all want to go home, but thankfully it\'s in Regina,\" goodrell said . \".
\"If not, I am not sure what we will do.
First, we are tired.
If we were somewhere else, we wouldn\'t be able to go home and check out our kids, and we might quit our job halfway through the week.
\"It\'s commendable that they did well enough to win the playoffs and get third place.
\"I \'ve never been as relaxed and jet-lagged as the Scots are,\" McCusker said . \".
\"It\'s unfair to come back from such a big thing and put you into events that others think are very big.
\"In my mind, I\'m saying \'I don\'t care.
We all had kids but we had to stay in the hotel and I just wanted to go home.
Then there is the request of the fans and the time we signed.
It is difficult to continue on this energy level.
\"Regina\'s Scot is the last national match between Schmirler and Co.
In June 30, 1999, after the birth of her second daughter, Jenna, Schmirler was diagnosed with cancer in August of that year and died eight months later.
Schmirler\'s funeral was held on March 8, and people from all over the country expressed their support.
\"Because it happened so suddenly, when it was so young, it suddenly happened a shocking part,\" McCusker said . \".
\"When I look back, I think the answer is \'no if I can do anything different \'.
It\'s happening so fast that we can\'t control it.
\"The adoption of Schmirlers has had another impact on the rest of the team members.
\"When Sandra died of illness, we were also treated missing,\" McCusker said . \".
\"It\'s just\" let them be alone \"for a long time, and it feels weird too.
The rest of the schmille team continued to curl up.
They plan to take part in the 2001 Canadian Olympic team and try to join skip\'s Kleibrink.
\"Curling is an important part of who we are and what we do, so why don\'t we do curling,\" said Betker . \".
\"However, the first year was terrible.
We play because we plan to play together and try to be the Olympic team again.
We have been on this road, what is our plan.
It\'s hard to get Shannon klebrink into trouble because we recruited her as a jumper.
\'After failed to comply with the trial Betker, Mr mccake and Gudereit split with Kleibrink.
Her departure led Betker to succeed Shirley Linton in third place.
Betker, Linton, McCusker and Gudereit won 2003 women\'s championships in the province of SA and won fourth place in the Canadian women\'s championships in kidina --Waterloo, Ont.
Betker and Gudereit later contacted third Lana Vey and second Nancy Inglis to win 2007 Saskatchewan Women\'s Championship on the way to second place
Presented at the Scottish heart championships in Lethbridge.
\"The first one wasn\'t fun because my top empty wasn\'t very good and we were going back to Kitchener where we won with Sandra (in 1994)Said Betker.
\"I think the pressure is too great and I don\'t like it at all.
In 2007, I wanted to play and I did it.
This may be the last time I go to Scotland, I just want to have a good time.
\"When Betker, McCusker, and Gudereit focused on family and career, competitive curling was back in the second line.
They are still curled up for fun, but due to a conflict with their schedule, they even stopped doing so this season.
\"I missed it because I missed getting together with the girls,\" said Betker . \".
\"It\'s just a chance for us to get together and enjoy a few laughs and beers.
This is really not an curling.
\"Goodray has entered the coaching team, who is the coach of the Brecklin gervais team at 2018 Saha Youth Men\'s Championship.
Artiss Betker is the man of the needle between the administrator and Laurie.
McCusker, an ice pot analyst at Sports Net and CBC, will cover 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
The curling competition for the Winter Olympic Games was held in February. 8 through Feb. 25.
It will be McCusker\'s fourth time since winning the gold medal in 1998 to cover curling at the Winter Olympics.
\"It\'s less than 20 years,\" McCusker said . \".
\"Everyone will tell you that the time has passed quickly and we are all very busy.
Has it been a while? yes.
The game has changed a lot and our children have grown up.
We have a lot of time to think and even enjoy some of these memories.
\"Betker, McCusker and Gudereit look forward to dealing with their own memories and emotions as they showcase medals at 2018 Winter Olympics curling games.
\"I may cry because I almost always cry,\" said Betker . \".
\"It\'s because you know the sacrifices to get there, you know what they\'re going through, and they\'re proud and happy.
\"Mccusker will fight her emotions at the awards ceremony.
\"We are really happy for those Canadian teams,\" McCusker said . \".
\"The pressure is great and I can\'t explain how many rides they have on their backs when the Canadian team is expected to win the gold medal.
When they leave with medals of any color, I am very proud of them.
\"This pride is another aspect that Goodley will think about when medals are awarded.
\"This is one of the proudest moments you can participate in,\" Goodley said . \".
\"I know I will cry because I will remember the joy of our victory.
As their representative of Canada, I will also be very proud of them. ’’
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