Russian dopers ordered to return Olympic medals, some say no

by:Awards Medal     2019-12-06
MOSCOW (Reuters)-
Russian sprinter Tatyana Firova\'s silver medal at the Beijing and London Olympics was stored in a safe box in an apartment near Moscow, a contempt for the IOC, which has been around for months
Firova, one of the six athletes, told Reuters that they had not returned Olympic medals and diplomas from the Beijing and London Olympics, these medals and diplomas were tested positive for banned substances in the past year or relay teammates after their samples.
Two of the athletes said they had no intention of sending them back, and three others said they would do so, but it was not clear how to proceed, that there were logistical constraints, or that they were waiting for the outcome of the appeal.
Another athlete has yet to decide.
\"I don\'t want to return my medals because I don\'t think anyone should get more medals,\" Firova said . \" She was stripped of the silver medal in Beijing in 4x400
Prohibited substances, including synthetic metabolic steroids turinabol, were detected in her sample and Rice transfer was performed.
The Russian Athletics Federation told Reuters that three Olympic medals and a diploma have been returned and several appeals are still being heard.
In February, it said 23 medals needed to be returned.
The federation has been rejected by more than 2015 people in the world. Doping Agency (WADA)
Report of exposed system status-
Russia sponsored doping in track and field.
It is unclear whether, without returning the medals, it will lead to more disciplinary measures or prevent Russian athletes from participating in the Olympics.
It is also unclear whether the IOC can force athletes to return their medals.
\"They are not police,\" Olympic historian Bill Malone said of the IOC . \".
\"I think what they will do in the end is to re-award medals to others and say, \'Well, that person has a medal they shouldn\'t get \'.
\"The fact that many medals have not been returned shows that there is a broader problem with Russian sports culture.
Russia has promised to counter it with global sports organizations.
It never recognized state support for doping.
From officials to athletes and coaches, many in the Russian sports community do not believe in wrongdoing and say their country is being unfairly attacked.
In a report last week, the International Athletics Federation (IAAF)
The task force on monitoring and reform of the Russian Federation stated that it has not yet indicated that \"it has established a strong counter
In its campaign, the doping culture, or it creates an open environment to encourage reporting \".
The IOC did not answer Reuters\'s question about what to do if the athlete refuses to return the medal, saying that it has won some medals and contacted the relevant IOC on this issue.
The Russian Olympic Committee, which is responsible for returning medals to the IOC, did not respond to requests for comment.
The IAAF said the Russian track and field federation has yet to meet several reinstatement criteria.
To re-qualify, the doping agency, RUSADA, still has to meet 12 conditions.
The Russian Athletics Federation has warned athletes that their failure to return the deprived medals could hinder their efforts to resume IAAF, which has approved dozens of Russians to participate in international competitions as neutral athletes
A federal official attributed the boycott to the fact that many athletes are no longer playing, meaning that they cannot be punished by measures such as being excluded from the national team.
Firova has to hand over her 4x400 too-
After her teammate\'s sample was re-tested, she won a silver medal in the rice relay from London, saying she was full of affection for her Olympic hardware.
\"This is an objective proof of my delivery,\" she said . \".
At Firova\'s Beijing Olympics, the IOC ruled that she \"won medals, medals and diplomas won by women\'s 400 m and women\'s 4x400 m relay were withdrawn and ordered to return these \".
Firova said that she appealed the decision but that the outcome of her case had little effect on her conduct.
\"From the very beginning, I decided not to return it,\" she said of her silver medal in Beijing, although she may be willing to return the medal winner\'s pin and diploma.
Since Beijing and London, some Olympic medals and diplomas may be sold, misplaced or lost, making Russia\'s efforts to return these medals and diplomas even more complicated.
\"I don\'t know if I lost it or not, but I haven\'t seen it for a while,\" former athlete Alexander Bogorov was stripped of his fourth Olympic diploma --
According to Reuters, after finding turinabol in his sample, his ranking in Beijing ended.
Pogorelov said: \"But I may not return it even if I find it because I think I won it honestly.
Some athletes say Russia has not asked for the return of medals and diplomas, which the Russian president denies.
Dmitry Shlyakhtin, president of the athletics federation, told Reuters, \"They lied about the fact that they were not notified and insisted that it had contacted them by phone. mail and mail.
Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov played down the issue that medals were not returned in time.
\"Many athletes do not return medals, not just Russian athletes,\" he told Reuters last month . \".
Organizers of other sporting events have also encountered obstacles in recovering medals or bonuses from Russian athletes.
The London Marathon has been trying to recover money from the hands of Russian player shoya Shobukhova, who won the 2010 championship and is the runner-up --
Before being banned from doping in 2011
Shobukhova has been charged in the UK and the organizers of the marathon are now waiting in Russia for a hearing in order to apply the verdict there.
\"We\'re going to pursue her at all costs and get the money back, even if it doesn\'t make commercial sense,\" Nick bitter, chief executive of the event, told Reuters this week.
Shobukhova declined to comment. Veteran U. S.
Olympic high jumper chunt é Lowe will win the bronze medal in Beijing, the first Olympic medal she won, after Russian player Anna Chicherova was stripped of the bronze medal and fourth and fifth
But Chicherova has appealed to the court of sports arbitration that she will return the medal only if \"guilt will be proved irreversible.
\"Obviously it would be a great feeling to be able to participate in the Olympics and experience the ceremony,\" Lao told Reuters . \".
\"Medals do not replace ceremonies.
Ld Reuters. \"Medals cannot replace ceremonies . \"
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