Originally measured using a sundial, time has

by:Awards Medal     2020-06-29
Fields such as businesses, sciences and music all incorporate notions of time into their respective measuring systems. When people try to define it, they often say that is it what prevents everything from happening at once. Without time there would be no real structure from one event to the next and there would be no real way to measure the past, present and future. For sports people, time is especially crucial. Recording times for competitions as insignificant as the school sack race during sports day to recording the times at the Olympics to see who how won a gold medal, time needs to be recorded precisely. Time is often measured in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds to get an accurate reading. The watch industry is forever expanding which has led to a number of advanced designs that have wowed the world time and time again. From water resistance to indicating the phases of the moon, the features available on watches today are truly phenomenal. Taking both design and practicality into consideration, there needs to be a steady balance between the two. There are many designers on the market today who produce intricate timepieces that stun the eye and offer the wearer more than just the time. Some of the watches from the top end of the market incorporate genuine gold and diamonds. Omega, Casio and Citizen watches are all examples of some of the biggest timepieces brands in the world today. Watches today can be purchased for as cheap at 1 from the 1 shop but can also cost millions of pounds. One of the most expensive timepieces in the world included the Patek pocket watch which was specially designed for the banker, Phillipe Henry Graves in 1933. This watch cost an expensive $11million, thought to be the most expensive watch in the world.
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