Now days, olympic games has become most important

by:Awards Medal     2020-07-03
Olympic has come again to us and it will be held in London. Everyone, from athletes to common people is eagerly waiting for this mega sports event. They count the day when Olympic appears to them. London has won the bid for olympic games 2012 and the city also prepare them with lots of changes to host the games. There are many new stadiums and venues build in different parts of London and its suburb areas. The games will be start on July 27 and run till August 12, 2012. Approximate 10500 athletes for 200 countries will participate in this mega sporting event. There will 26 sports held for the duration of 17 days. Total of 302 sporting events played during the days including different disciplines. Expected, London 2012 games will be great observer of audiences and athletes. It appears again with great opportunities for every athlete to show their excellence in their particular disciplines and earn the status for their countries. Everyone is eagerly waiting for Olympic Games to observe their favorite sports and performance of favorite start athletes. It is also a time to spend your holidays in London and enjoy Olympic as big sports festival. If you want to enjoy the games, you must have collect olympic games tickets previously to secure your seat at the stadium. However, ticket selling is already start from March 2011 and approximates 10 million tickets are sold till now. The ticket selling is also going till before commencing of games and you can buy tickets for any of desired sports. LOCOG has announced ticket prices as 20 to 2012. Experience of Olympic 2012 is a ticket away and you have opportunity to see sports. You can buy ticket online and plan for enjoy this sports festival. IOC has already declared the schedule for Olympic 2012. It is a big chance for every person to experience of this mega sports events and enjoy the vacations in London. There are many new venues also constructed for 2012 sports and do also big changes in city and venues. You must be familiar with olympic schedule to know complete dates and times for particular events. The schedules have kept from 27th July to 12th August 2012. The games will be continued through seventeen days and total of 302 events will be observed in this sporting festival. Get complete schedules and know what is the dates and times of particular sports. As coming of Olympic 2012, manufacturing of olympic medals are also in running periods or almost completed. Royal meant has take a deal for manufacturing the medals and approximates 4,700 medals are produced for games. Thickness of medals is 7mm and weight between 375-400 gm. The medal has designed by David Watkins. Like previous Olympic, one side of medals has designed with Greek goddess and river Thames has designed on another side of medals. Ribbon also designed with river Thames that marks pulling together.
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