Magnetic Bottle Opener

by:Awards Medal     2020-01-12
If you are looking for a cool DIY gift, magnetic bottle opener is a unique gift that is very easy to make!
The cool part is to use hidden high power magnets that catch the hats when they fall.
Uncle Lu will think this is amazing.
Watch the video tutorial or continue reading!
You need the following materials for this project. For this project, I used a small piece of 4x12 poplar that I pulled from the wood storage truck.
I first make a 1/2-centered countersunk hole from the top and bottom of the wood (
This is to install the plaque to the wall).
Next, I put the bottle opener on the first three of the plaque and made the pilot hole.
I then used my palm router to profile the edges with a 1/4 \"round over a bit, and did it by polishing the patches until smooth.
To magically stick the cap to the plaque, I used a powerful magnet called the nd magnet.
You can use a very strong magnet, or a few small magnets.
I ended up using two 25mm x 5mm magnets with a pull of 19 lbs. each.
Flip the plaque and punch holes for the magnet using the Forstner drill bit.
I make the hole as deep as possible without making the hole.
Ideally you would like to use the Forstner of the same size as your magnet, but my most recent one was 35mm, so I did that.
Now that all the holes are hit, you can apply the finish you choose.
I only brought my favorite stain, early America.
After the stain was dry, I fixed the magnet in place with a little Krazy Glue.
Then, for better measurement, I filled the rest of the hole with some silicone.
The rest is to install the bottle opener with two screws.
I will give this away so instead of hanging it on the wall I put it on the wall
Drilling will make it easy for lucky recipients to do the job. ; )
If you haven\'t already, check out the video and see what it does.
This thing can hold dozens of hats!
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