Lanyards are the six-toed cats of the promotional world

by:Awards Medal     2020-07-19
Like Hemingway's beloved cats in Key West, lanyards are everywhere in the workplace today. And like the cats, lanyards can be friendly, colorful and even inspirational. Lanyards are a given in many workplaces. The need for increased security means more and more employers require employees to carry I.D. badges and key cards. A lanyard is the most convenient way to keep these items handy. No need to fumble in a pocket, purse or wallet for a key card. No need to damage clothing with a pin-on badge holder. Lanyards come in many colors and several styles, so there's sure to be one that's right for your particular use. Tubular lanyards, for example, are the most economical style. The polyester material is similar to a shoelace and allows a clear silk screened message. Nylon lanyards are premium quality, offering the highest sheen and smoothest finish of any lanyard material. They are ideal for even the most intricate logo or text message. Polyester lanyards offer a great balance between price and performance. The most popular lanyard type, they are affordable, yet durable. The high-quality polyester lends itself to a highly detailed silk screened image. Woven lanyards are made of the same high-quality material, but have the message or logo woven into the polyester with thread, in a process similar to embroidery. Woven lanyards produce a professional looking message, but unlike the other types, will not reproduce very intricate messages legibly. Just like cats, lanyards come in a wide selection of colors. Select the lanyard and print color best for your application. Can't decide? Let the talented graphic artists at a reputable lanyard supplier help you design your lanyards so they are perfect for you. Like the 'thumb' many polydactyl cats possess, lanyard attachments can add extra capabilities. With the proper attachments, lanyards can hold USB thumb drives, eyeglasses, ear protectors, pens, cameras, even water bottles. Lanyards can be a valuable addition to the marketing profile of virtually any organization. With colorful designs and durable materials, they can help you market your organization to both employees and consumers.
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