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by:Awards Medal     2020-07-08
There are several benefits for participating in the Aweber Email Marketing Summer Games 2012 event. The first benefit, is that it'll give you a chance to tap into your competitive marketing juices, and give you a chance to feel famous for a change. They are actually giving out real silver, gold as well is bronze medals. Not only that, they are also giving out a website image of the medal, so all of your website visitors will be able to see it. They are giving out clothing items like T-shirts, socks and hats to some of the winners as well. You'll also be eligible to receive books on content marketing directly from some of the top marketing leaders out there. And for the elite winners, they will get the opportunity to give aweber autoresponders a spin for six months without having to pay anything. If you don't have an account yet, that's okay. You should really check them out, since they are a top-notch e-mail marketing service. The Aweber Email Marketing Summer Games 2012 event will have several different categories of competition involved. The first one is called the subject line shotput, and will be judged by how correctly the subject line matches the message content, as well as how much it influences readers to open the message and how well the original subject line is. They will also include web form fencing, in which web forms are judged based on their accuracy at relaying information explaining the benefits of website visitors subscribing to your newsletter. Also, they will be looking at the aesthetics of your web form, to make sure it looks nice and is appealing to your readers. They will also be checking to make sure that your web form is currently sporting unique copy so you can grab new subscribers. The next category of the Aweber Email Marketing Summer Games 2012 event will include design gymnastics. They will be judging this part of the event based on how prudent you are in using white space, how you design your e-mails which includes how user-friendly they are, and even going in depth into all tags, pre-headers and other standard considerations. The last part of the Aweber Email Marketing Summer Games 2012 event will be valuable content weightlifting. The premise behind this part of the event, is that outgoing e-mails to prospects should include more than just simple sales pitches. Some of the criteria that they will use to judge this part of the event, are how closely your e-mail messages are linked to your companies products and services without coming off as appearing like a pitch fest. Another grading criteria will revolve around how much you are educating your prospects, and not just selling them. Lastly, you should have content in your follow-ups that readers won't be able to find anywhere else except on your newsletter. So you could see, Aweber has actually taken e-mail marketing, and managed to turn it into a virtual online sports event. Any Aweber Customer is welcome to enter the 2012 Summer Games. However, they do ask that you read through their official terms and conditions page first. Once you do this, all you have to do is send them an e-mail and include your full name, your website address, the category which you choose to participate in as well as a screenshot of your web form. You will see the email address you're supposed to send this information to on the Aweber Website, you can't miss it from their front page. The judges of this event, will be held by a group of e-mail marketers with years of experience. Voting in every one of these four categories will start to commence on Friday, July 27. You will actually have the opportunity to have your fans as well is your friends vote for you. If you happen to win the event, you will receive an e-mail letting you know this and you will become famous on the Aweber Blog on August 12, which is the same day of the official Olympics Closing Ceremony. Best of luck to you if you decide to participate in these autoresponder games!
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