Is Awards medal a trading company or a factory?
We not only sell carnavals medailles but also produce it independently in a state-of-the-art factory, fully equipped with professional production equipment. And with highly-skilled and experienced employees, the industry-leading technologies, and scientific production management method, all products manufactured out of our factory are high-performance and meet the highest quality standards. Manufacturing at Awards medal etc Industrial Co.,Ltd, the end results you get to see are high on performance, premium-quality, and durable. It is why many of the same customers come to us time and again, year after year.

Awards medal has highly reliable custom challenge coins in providing high quality solutions. Awards medalhas created a number of successful series, and printed lanyards is one of them. The product is anti-bacterial. It is treated with bacteria resistant agent which can effectively kill staphylococcus aureus, colon bacillus, and other types of germs. The product is widely applicable, to all kinds of competitions. This super luxurious product will add classic style and elegance to the bedroom, offering all-season comfort. It can be custom-made to make sure that every requirement is fulfilled.

We insist on integrity. In other words, we adhere to ethical standards in our business activities, respect customers and employees, and promote responsible environmental policies. Contact us!
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