Inferno pepper CWHL all-star squad with players

by:Awards Medal     2020-04-25
2019 Canadian Women\'s Hockey League announced the final round of players
Star Wars and nine members of the Calgary hell team are the best lineups.
There are five strikers, three defenders and one goalkeeper among the nine players.
The selected players include defender Cassie Bellamy, Harry krizaniac and brigert lequette, forward Brianna Decker, Zoe hiker, and Brian.
They will all compete.
On Sunday, January, a star game at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. 20.
All players have impressive resumes.
Earlier this year, Rigby, Bellamy and Decker won Olympic gold medals in the United States.
Raquette, Jenner, Johnston and Turnbull are team-mates for the silver medal in Canada.
Get on the podium in South Korea.
Rigsby is currently taking part in her first CWHL season. She is 8-1-0-
1 shutdown and save-Percentage of 0.
935, ranked second among all the goalkeepers in the league.
Bellamy Currently scored 8 points in 14 games, his first time playing in Canada.
Earlier this year, she was appointed alternate captain of the US team to increase the two Olympic silver medals and seven world championship gold medals she has won, A silver medal in the world championship and two Clarkson Cups have Boston\'s blade.
Krzyzaniak is the first draft of hell after the preliminaries.
Signed on draft 2018 CWHL.
She tied for eighth in the League center-back.
At the 2016 World Championships, she was scored the most by a defender at the age of 21.
She recently won a silver medal with Canada at the 4-nation Cup in November.
Lacquette is currently 11 points ahead of all hell guards in 14 games.
At the Olympic Games earlier this year, she made her first appearance for the Canadian national women\'s team and became the first national athlete.
Decker was recently appointed as the alternate captain of hell, she spent her first year in Canada, and currently she has scored 15 points in 14 games.
Earlier this year, she was appointed alternate captain of the US team at the Olympics, in addition to winning the Olympic silver medal, five world championship gold medals, a world championship silver medal and a carat
Hikel, the alternate captain of hell, will also spend her first year in Canada.
She tied for second place in 11 assists in the league.
Last season, she tied the Chinese Kunlun Red Star team for 26 assists.
The alternate captain of hell, Jenner, currently scored 15 points in 14 games.
Earlier this year, she was named Canada\'s alternate captain at the Olympics, where she won the World Champion gold medal and four world champion silver medals.
Captain Johnston of 2018-
19 hell, suffered 100 CWHL points just 79 Game 4
The game against Toronto fulis on November.
She led all the hell skaters with 20 points and tied for the league first with nine goals.
Johnston also has two Olympic gold medals, one in the world championships and seven silver medals in the world championships.
The alternate captain of hell Turnbull currently has 6 goals and 12 points in 12 games.
She is currently stepping up to beat her career
The best 18 points in 22 games in 2016-17.
She won two silver medals in the world championships.
Fans will have a chance to vote for every captain.
The link also provides Star team atTickets.
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