India is looking the Commonwealth games Delhi

by:Awards Medal     2020-07-06
The first step that is required for the proper arrangement of events like commonwealth games 2010 is to delineate politics from sports. This is the major challenge in front of Indian sports in current scenario. A good way of removal of this problem is that people with a good sports background and experience in the relevant field should be given the authority to take the leadership of a team that will implement the must needed proper sports training system. It should be made compulsory that neither any politician nor any of their relatives got the permission of any involvement with the system. To have proper transparency, it is also required that the persons who are selected for improving level of sports should be selected by a panel of people outside the world of politics. Another important requirement for the events like Commonwealth games 2010 is that campaigns promoting other sports should be done to encourage sports right from basic level. There should be organization of qualifying competitions for people of various age groups in each sport to discover the best of talent from Indian citizens. The selected sportspersons should be facilitated with proper facilities and training under top coaches. After the completion of training, State-level competitions should be held to find the report of their progress, and after that at the national level. Also it is important that during training session their education must not be neglected. A provision of free education should be given to the sportsperson. It is also equally important as the above mentioned facts not to forget our sportspersons who have brought glory to our country. It is very necessary that due recognition must be given to them at every time even after post retirement of them. Whether they won a medal some years ago or more than a decade ago, it is necessary to respect their efforts and not just confine them to the sidelines of the newspaper. After the removal of all the challenges mentioned above we can say with full pride and honor and our country is prepare for organizing any kind of international sports event.
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