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by:Awards Medal     2020-07-15
1. Metal Badges: The official security agencies and the police establishment have these made out in metals of all types, be it brass, copper, aluminium or even iron. These are mostly pin badge and these are quite heavy in weight. These show their rank and authority, the department for which they work and their level of training. 2. Plastic badges: These are made from the plastics and can carry the identification details of the employees including their personal identification numbers, title, etc. 3. Enamel: These are the ones made from enamel. These are carved artistically. 4. Lapel pins: These are the ones which are customizable with the photos which can be etched, the logos can be die-struck and these are mostly done in the soft enamel material. 5. Woven badges: This category is based on the basis of the method of etching the name, logo or design into these. These are made of the fabrics and the designs are woven into these. In order to prevent their duplication, some security parameters are also built into these. But, it is true that most of these can be forged very easily. For this matter, it is not only the badges which are relied for security identification needs but a number of other proofs are also duly considered. There is another advantage of these is that these are made and used creatively. This advantage is their versatility of usage. These are not just to be affixed on the garment or the uniform, but can also be used as cufflinks, or as the buttons. If these are used in this way, as button badge, these are normally made from enamel or the metals or even with wood. These are also used as key rings, necklaces, tie-slides and as pins. To be used differently, these shall be carrying the designs suited for the same purpose. However, ons should avoid the state decorations to be used as differently as the badges. The modern Id badges used by the organizations are electronically processed for getting the personal details of the employees and for the purpose of gaining access to the different parts of the organization. These badges have got the tamper proof features built into these by way of lamination, bar code or a magnetic stripe reading.
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