I trust that during the London Olympic Games,

by:Awards Medal     2020-06-26
Trout gave such a conception of 'positioning' in the book positioning. How to make you out of the ordinary in the heart of underlying clients? Locating need process around the heart of the possible clients rather than the commodities. That is to say, the commodities should be oriented in the heart of underlying clients. In the twitter @Just Do It, we never see any of its products to Nike voluble propaganda. It just repeated to interpret 'great' true meaning to everyone. Nike's potential customers would be more of people born in1970s and in 1980s, especially those born after 19885. In modern times, society was becoming more materialism, the contend is increasingly intense, the atmosphere is more and more impetuous. The explaining about 'great' for Nike is leading to the consensus of the younger and got the identification in the mind of the younger. Nike want to communicate a kind of sports spirit: what is the great on the contest ground. Therefore I believe that the best marketing effect is not that you can make a person recall how to use the commodities and how high the price is. In this era of frequent upgrading of the commodities, the identity of some concept for us is often constant. Remember that to go to the minds of consumers is the commodities to explain some kind of mental philosophy. Producing room is bee line into the mental heart. Trout said by pen: being the number one is the bee line into the mental. The trick Nike is: When numbers of brands are in praise of the first in Olympic Games, the first was drowned instead. Nike propagandized the 'the second, and the third, the N' players who was hard to be memorized to let them to become the number one in Nike trademark policy. Nike is the first sports brand to pay careful attention to the Olympic athletes missed the medal and is the first sports brand who gives them a 'great' name, and it also the first sports brand to write 'failure' for them. So please create your own room. In order to make a new idea or new product into people's mind, you must firstly supplant the original idea or product out of people's minds. In this point, Nike is very confident to understand the Chinese market. People in China put a high position on the gold medal and the 'gold' play an important role in the heart of Chinese. But Nike smashed the conception of people that the champion is the only. One company should not follow suit, instead it should look for its own room. The best method to deal with the spread over society is to try to simplify the information.
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