How to Make a Pinback Button Without a Button Machine

by:Awards Medal     2020-01-18
The Pinback button, also known as the pin badge and pin-Ons, usually made without a press-key machine.Resourceful individuals and groups do so for events, fundraising and marketing, as well as art brooches, gifts, expressions of faith and creative fun.Such as safety sales, viscose, etc.The material you choose depends on availability and time frame;For example, when your team wants to mass-produce after collecting materials, you want to use your home stuff right away to make a retract button.
Because they measure about 1-There\'s an inch inside.If they retain a bad smell, soak overnight in warm water with soap and dry it.Though you will decorate in front.Some people like to spray paint so that when they hang from a vest or backpack they see a silver display instead of the old design.
If you give them as gifts or sell them, it\'s better to paint them first.If you do, spray inside so that the rim around the part you decorate will match the back.on the backs.You want the size of your PIN and use it to track the size you want.
Cut with scissors.
If you make pins of different sizes using the same design, save the largest version as the original one and create a copy from it, resize the copy as needed.So you don\'t have to redesign your design.To save the paper, print as many pin faces as you can on a piece of paper.
Because the inside of the cap is small, limit your design to simple pictures or stickers.Reverse all the cuts of one button.on each.Then turn them over, one at a time, and put them on the pin.Gently wipe out any bubbles.Once your design is complete and dry, brush the whole surface of the pin with three or four layers to stick glue, allowing the drying time between each layer.
Use the process glue to stick the round picture inside the bottle cap.Remember, the picture should cover the whole interior.Let it dry.Fill the cap with a clear cast resin as indicated by the label and let it dry overnight.
Before sticking the safety pin to the back of the cardboard pin, it will be easier to insert the safety pin into the fabric.To do this, cut down two small slit, the length between them is roughly the same as the length of the pin, excluding the safety latch.Pass the pin through so that the front of the pin with a safety latch is on the front of the fabric.
End of the needle to felt.
Use a hot glue gun to stick the fabric to the back of the wear heat-Gloves and safety glasses.Never point the glue gun up or to anyone.Place it on the safety bracket and do not leave it unattended before cooling.Not a highTemperature model, select a low.
Follow the instructions on the package, use contact cement to adhere the back of the safety pin to the back of the cap.Alternatively, hammer two holes on both sides of the edge of the cap.Insert pin through hole.You need to do this before adding the resin.
Stick pin and adhesive-The back-to-back bar pin is one of the traditional fasteners used for buttons and badges, for sale at the craft shop.Use a hot glue gun or contact cement to connect non-as per the manufacturer\'s instructionsadhesive type.Save the simplest, most enjoyable, and most effective materials you find.
Add them to your collection and organize them into boxes such as boxes for caps and boxes for corrugated cardboard.When you know the size you want, cut the material as needed, then put them in a smaller box or a large press box with several goodCubicle size so you can always be readyto-Use pinback button material from glue to disc in one place
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