GB bobsleigh team finally awarded bronze medals for 2014 Winter Olympics

by:Awards Medal     2019-12-08
Four in Britain
At 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the men\'s sled team attacked the Russian swindlers because they finally won the bronze medal in the back.
John Jackson and his team.
Teammates were originally ranked fifth, 0.
He won the bronze medal for 11 seconds, but the Russian quartet, who won the first and fourth place, was disqualified for doping.
Since British sledges and British sports announced cuts in support last summer, as part of a $8 m cut in winter sports in 2018, it\'s been a disturbing five years22 cycle.
This week, however, the IOC officially approved the revised results for the two games. man and four-
Men\'s project to ensure that John Jackson, Stewart Benson, Joel Ferron and Bruce Tusk won the bronze medal in the Olympics.
The British team\'s medal increase from Sochi to five, making it the most successful Winter Olympics in the United Kingdom and Pyeongchang 2018.
In a statement by the British Olympic Association, Jackson said: \"The International Olympic Committee recognizes 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
The result of the men\'s sleigh race is a big improvement in our bronze medal in the Olympic Games.
It is disappointing that this is the medal we should have won at the 2014 Olympic podium.
Swindlers and other countries also cost us.
\"The redistribution of four medals --
Men\'s activities mean that Latvia is now getting gold and the United States is getting silver. In the two-
The new winners are Switzerland, the second in the United States and the third in Latvia.
Thanks to these changes, the family of US pilot Steven Holcombe will receive two silver medals at the time of his death in May 2017.
BOA will now work with athletes to find time and place for their awards ceremony, while the IOC will have to issue new gold medals to staff in Latvia and Switzerland, zubkov and co have made it clear that they will not return their goods.
Sir Hugh Robertson, chairman of BOA, said: \"All those involved in the British Olympic movement, especially the athletes, will be pleased with the late Award of the four athletes.
Man Bob bronze from Sochi
\"However, this is another example of the glory of British athletes being deprived of the podium by the state --
Sponsorship cheating
Mike Hay, the team\'s head chef, said: \"John, Stewart, Bruce and Joel have been waiting for more than five years for the official confirmation of what they have always known.
\"Their patience and dignity during this time was a huge credit to them and it was incredible pleasure to be able to call them all Olympic bronze medalists in the end.
\"The rest of the GB team\'s medals in Sochi are the gold medal on the skeleton of Lizhi yenoord, Jenny Jones\'s snowboarding bronze, and the men\'s and women\'s curling competitions, respectively.
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