Eli Crane - Breaching the Shark Tank

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Maybe it\'s just the fact that the product is cool.
Perhaps, more importantly, the Navy SEALs behind this idea seem to have the courage and courage to build a huge business.
Or, the country needs more American-made brands to increase revenue, jobs and taxes on free land.
More likely, it was this that gave the entrepreneur a rare opportunity to market his business on shark tanks.
No matter what he went through in a round after round of auditions and casting calls, he was able to break through the shark tank.
Not only that, he caught two sharks, Mark Cuban and Kevin O\'Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful)along the way.
He is Eli Crane, founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher, the company handmade 50-caliber bullets into Bottle openers for sale as gifts and promotional products.
He is young, energetic and passionate about building a good empire.
I recently chatted with eliclone about what it takes to build an empire, create legacy and break through tanks.
Get to know Eli Crane, the mentor of all the awesome things, and his 4 simple lessons on swimming with sharks and winning in business: resilience
His first venture was in the field of performance training.
Crane says he likes to take control of his own destiny and values the idea of building an empire that affects the people around him.
The only problem was that his performance training business did not pay the bill.
As we all know, shark Mark Cuban said, \"You only need to be right once.
Eli likes to be an entrepreneur, but he knows he has to change.
Just then, he had an idea to pull out a gift from the kitchen drawer from his brother\'s trip back to the Philippines a few years ago.
This is a 50-caliber bullet that was made into a bottle opener.
The crane pulled it out of the drawer and brought it to his workshop, painted it, polished it, and added a skull sticker for the creator on it, this is an unofficial sign of his SEAL team.
He showed off his bottle opener to his SEAL comrades, because the seals have nothing to like more than a cool gadget, not only do they all like the bullets turning over they start placing orders with Eli so they can also have one.
With it, a bottle of beer was born.
For any entrepreneur, Crane says, his biggest suggestion is to realize that resilience is the name of the game.
If one customer says no, call another customer.
If an idea fails, try another one.
When one company closed down, another company started. Recruit Your A-
Team: When Eli started making bottle opener for all his friends and colleagues, it all started
But it\'s another thing to make a business bigger.
He needs a team to help scale up.
The first team member he recruited was his wife Jen, who has a business degree and experience running an online business.
Eli went to her and asked if she could help sell the product online.
A few days later, she came back with a plan to sell on Etsy.
In their first year of business, most of their sales came from Etsy, providing them with all the practices they needed to build an online empire.
On November 7, 2014, Eli and Jen appeared at the Shark Tank veterans festival.
To be clear, they have built a fairly large following themselves, selling more than $800,000 of bottle poachers each year in their second year of business.
After appearing on shark tanks and being supported by shark\'s Mark Kuban and Kevin O\'Leary, they have no choice but to scale up and expand time on a large scale.
2015 was their third year, with sales exceeding the $5 million mark.
The hardest part of their journey, Crane says, is figuring out how to scale quickly.
After appearing on the shark tank, he said, it was easy to be overwhelmed by his own success.
Overnight, they went from selling 130 beers on a good day to 1500 beers2000 a day.
The only advantage they have, he said, is that they quickly organized a team of highly qualified people. pun intended)
The production, order fulfillment and customer service teams do their best to meet customer orders.
Today, bottle thieves are found in several online stores, including Brookstone and Amazon, and most of the sales are made from their own website atwww. BottleBreacher. com.
Eli says the best training and education comes from Navy SEALs from 2006 to 2014.
This is where he learns discipline, works hard, has a team of energy and integrity, he said.
This is the first time he has really realized the importance of persistence, he said.
The bottle break is an American-made company.
Eli said it is not an easy way to choose a US-made brand.
He said that in order to stay in the United States, you must sacrifice profit margins, but for Eli, keeping money and work in the United States is the way he strives for something bigger than him, bigger than a beer bottle.
In addition, Eli is passionate about hiring veterans and currently has 7 employees.
He said it was because of his own military background that he began to look for opportunities for veterans. It is only found that many people find it difficult to find a job after service because they do not have the business experience necessary to find a job.
Eli said he was calm about ignoring his work experience, because in almost every example he hired a veteran, he will be given a spirit of expertise, attention to detail and discipline because this is what the army has bred in people.
When building a business, it is important to consider what your personal and corporate heritage is, says Eli.
Will you be famous for building an empire, or will you be famous for standing up for something important?
In the case of Eli, he is both.
Grind: brebreacher has sold more than $8 m since the shark can.
Eli and his team are thriving.
Still, Eli says he wakes up every day and is ready to get back to work.
He said he and the team focused on delivering on their commitment to completely cool products with high customer service standards.
In addition to that, Eli says they are constantly changing marketing, adding and removing product lines and taking the risk of building new, different product partnerships.
One of the things he learned about entrepreneur spirit, he said, is that you must always move forward, because if you rest on the crown of success, someone behind you took it all away.
To continuously improve his business, Eli said, he likes to roll up his sleeves and go into battle every day.
Hard work, long work and constant stress are worth it, he said, because the success of the bottle-stealer is not only good for his family, it is also good for his employees, suppliers and thousands of customers who love his products.
If you want to break the top of business success, wake up every day to get ready, says Eli.
CEO and former Navy member Eli Crane not only knows how to break through the top of success, but also how to break through shark tanks.
His strong devotion to the family and to God (
Eli never made a major decision without prayer)
Is the driving force behind everything he does in business and life.
Winning in business and tanks is simple, he said.
This simply boils down to flexibility, hiring you is-
Team, what represents, return to work every day.
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