DA slaps her \'cuffs\' on Fiesta revelers

by:Awards Medal     2019-12-05
This could be the annual Carnival revelers who want district prosecutors to handcuff them in person.
Reid once again made a mark on locals and tourists with her own carnival medal
A pair of small handcuffs bearing her name \"Carnival 2012\" and \"Mrs. DA.
The orange ribbon and cuff accent of the medal is on so-
Called the \"carrot suit\" by the prisoners \".
\"You can play with them,\" Reid said of the medals she won every year . \".
It\'s not the only wearable fun she planned.
Reid also won a medal showing Batmobile in front of the San Antonio skyline, the letter \"DA\" made up of bat wings in the doors and sky, like a localized bat --signal.
A custom medal is just one of many symbols of Reed\'s passion for Carnival, a tradition she cherishes very much.
Reid said that she had won her carnival medal since 1994 or 1995 and that she was \"probably the first elected official in the court to start the campaign.
\"She must have the hardware to prove it.
In a conference room outside her office, Reed digs in a few plastic zip bags filled with handmade and professionally crafted carnival medals, and then spreads a group of shining stars on the conference table
\"I really let people run behind me,\" Reid said . \".
Reid stressed that the medals were bought by herself and were free for taxpayers.
She estimates that this year she has about 2,000 to 3,000 of her own medals to give away, a modest number compared to the medals given to children and adults in regional schools during the carnival.
But unlike Antonio\'s handouts, Reed\'s medals are not easy to get.
Since her medals are not made for mass distribution, collectors hope that when she has some medals at hand, they will shut her out at the carnival.
The child who wants the Reed Medal must first raise his right hand and swear to keep the room clean and obey her parents before she will give them one.
\"I like to hand them over to you in person,\" Reid said . \".
Robert, Reid\'s late husband, understood the exchange.
She recalled that in 2002, when he was president, he received a special \"Bob\'s friend\" medal, which was welcomed by Carnival officials.
That year, Reed was
Fatal motorcycle accidentThen Sept.
Her husband had a heart attack in 2003 for nearly 30 years.
This explains why Reed especially cherishes her bob medal friend and the Carnival 2003 Medal she made with a rickshaw in front of two palm trees.
But Reed is not the only city official with a personalized carnival style.
Judgehas County has his own 2012 medals with his last name written and a wolf howling on the roof.
His son, the county commissioner, won a medal for the first time this year that looks like a mini-political sign.
At the same time, the Second District Council has a saxophone special medal (which is the instrument he has played since 1950), while the Fourth District Council has a simple blue medal
\"He\'s everywhere!
However, for officials who have their own customs --
Reid won the medal and is by far the most passionate person about her badgeons.
You won\'t have anything to do with DA, as rudondo said.
\"I always wear her medals very carefully because she will call me,\" he said . \".
Reid\'s enthusiasm went far beyond her constituency and even beyond her country.
She recently visited Barcelona, where she presented some individual Carnival medals to famous sculptors, who designed Olympic medals in 1998.
\"So he has a little interest in San Antonio,\" Reid said . \".
Reid also encouraged similar medal art with the regional youth of grand San Antonio --School All-
Star who provides after-sales service
School programs for primary school students.
As a board member, Reid helps judge a game every year where children make their own medal designs.
The winning design is then made to be a real medal.
\"We talked to Susan to see who gave her the medal,\" said everyone in the area . \"
Star Executive Director
\"So she was very committed and very supportive of it.
\"Regardless of the age or occupation of medal winners, when they receive special medals from the Alamo City District Attorney, all eyes will light up --
Especially when it has such a compelling personal feeling.
\"You know its beads.
\"We got the medal,\" Reid said . \".
\"I think we are better than them.
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