Challenge coins are medals, medallions, or special

by:Awards Medal     2020-07-28
Challenge coins have small pictures which represent the organization's symbol. It may also contain organization's slogan. Various colors are used in the creation of these coins. All these colors compliment the main purpose of the creation of the coins. There are display cases available in the market to keep your challenge coins protected. Some display cases have plastic bags inside them to completely shield a coin. People use them to save their medals. Although the price of a challenge coin is merely a few bucks but the emotions attached with each of them are immeasurable. In present days, people collect them as hobby. In the past, challenge coins were introduced during First World War. The military personnel used to wear them. These are special kind of medals which were given to military persons to show which mission they belonged to. At first, only military departments like US Air Force, Navy, Army, etc. used to wear them. Each department had their own challenge coins. Gradually, the trend changed and these coins were given to public service departments like police, fire brigade, etc. These are the people who risk their lives to save common people life. Later, these medals were used by government to award special performance. But, today a lot of organizations are using them for a number of purposes. Some use them to award their brilliant workers. Some use them to promote their latest launching products. Some use them to show that particular workers belong to a certain department. Challenge coins are used to acknowledge a person's extraordinary performance. This not only boosts employee's moral but also encourages them to work better than before. The design and production of per piece is not very expensive, however, they mean a lot to whoever gets it. Zinc-alloy and die struck bronze are two main processes to manufacture challenge coins. Traditionally, army, navy, marine forces, air force were the first to use custom challenge coins during First World War. Later on, government started to award these coins to many lifesaving departments like police, and fire brigade. Today, many private organizations also give these coins to their employees to show their belonging to the organization. US Army, Navy and Air Force have their own customized challenge coins to show what department they belong to. Also, many organizations prefer to prepare their own distinctive challenge coins to maintain their uniqueness. Whenever some organization wants to create its custom challenge coins, it gives its idea to the designer. They can give their own pictures, company's slogan, size, color schemeor maybe a special identification character. All this is provided to make the coin unique or one of its kind. Then, the designer designs a coin and asks for client's approval. Once the client approves the design, the challenge coins manufacturing company will produce the coins. The price of each piece is not very expensive. It is just a few dollars but the receiver has special emotional attachment with it. In present days, collecting challenge coins is emerging as hobby. Many people collect them for their satisfaction.
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