Badges and tags are continuously in use to display

by:Awards Medal     2020-07-21
Name tag badges are mainly made of four materials. Those are Plastic, Tin, Cloth and paper. One can combine two or more than two materials to make the badges and tags more beautiful as well as attractive. Tin badges are the costliest one and paper name tag badges are cheapest one. So depending upon the durability needed in badges and tags, materials are chosen. Paper and cloth name tag badges would be the smartest choice for single or less usage. But tin and plastic badges and tags can be used repeatedly for many years. People working in stations, airport, restaurants, hotels, companies, schools, colleges, universities as well as special functions where a good crowd is expected to gather are using name tag badges to distinguish themselves from other people. In the world of tags, plastic name tags are most popular one as it is cheap choice with excellent durability property as compared to other name tags such as magnetic, cloth or tin. Plastic name tags are mainly used for identity cards with options to get fitted in either in shirt pocket or in belt area or assembled with chain to be wear around neck. Plastic name tags can also be used to display name on doors, tables, desks, etc. Plastic name tags can be in the form of sticker as well. These tag stickers are used for displaying or indicating for a very long time period. Usually hard plastics are used to make tags. The main advantages of plastic name tags are that these are water proof, shock proof as well as unbreakable. However, if we consider environment, then this is the worst choice as plastic name tags are not biodegradable. Extensive use of plastic has now become concern for ecological imbalance and global warming and using plastic name tags is adding one more point to this concern.
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