As every year has commence with some exhilaration

by:Awards Medal     2020-06-26
The games of Olympic originated in 776 BC at Atlanta in Greek civilization. With changes in time, Olympic was lost in ages. The Olympics that took place theses days have originated in modern period. In the year 1896, first modern Olympic was held in Greece. As day changes, Olympic get parted into two seasonal games celebration of Summer Olympic and winter Olympic. Currently it is held after two years of alternative event of summer and winter Olympic. Basically, Summer Olympic game is regard as one of biggest event of international sports that is held after a gap of years. The conclusion of every Olympic game gives platform to national with international fame to several new emerging milestones of athletes. The media exposure to Olympics constitutes a major opportunity for the host city and country to showcase them to the world. Every nation has understood need of sports and popularity growth. The movement of Olympic events is consists of International sports federation, National Olympic committees and organizing committees for each specific Olympic games. The Olympic events is controlled and governed by International Olympic council. Around 13,000 athletes compete at the summer and winter Olympics in about 400 events of 33 different sports in order to win the first three positions. The person that stood first, second, and third positions in each event awards gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively. London olympic games 2012 would showcase several new stars of sports and highlights performance of various top stars of various games events. Once again participating sports personality will garb medal to increase tally of their respective country. Other side crowds of public will sound supportive to their nation's player. The sports association of every Olympic nation would yield for best facility to their Olympic athletes. The excitement of Olympics in sports fans could be noticed by going through the sale of olympic games tickets. A large mass of crowd watch the Olympics either in TV screen or catch it live on spot. Irrespective of Olympic in 2012, other mega event that are going to be took place in 2012 calendar are World expo in Yeosu, South Korea, first commitment of Kyoto protocol will end and China will launch the Kuafu spacecraft. Also Maya calendar predicts end of world civilization in same year. Such predictions have given rise to 2012 horoscopes. A variety of belief based on spiritual transformative and apocalyptic are associated with the year 2012. The year 2012 is on centre of interpretation in human civilization will be a leap year.
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