3D Printed M8 Drink Holder With Magnetic Bottle Opener and Tripod

by:Awards Medal     2020-01-11
Summer is up and ready to prevent the drinks from being knocked over!
I need a strong, stable, compact beverage holder (
Must be in my beach bag)and versatile.
After searching around without finding something to meet my needs, I decided to design my own \"perfect\" cup holder.
I use M8 screw bars, nuts and washers as the basis to put everything together as these seem to fit my project goals.
The M8 screw bar is particularly versatile, imagine everything you can connect to the wine rack, or you can connect to everything else on the wine rack.
To set an example, I have made a M8 tripod, a beach puncher and a bottle opener with a magnet.
I hope you can design and/or share your own ideas to make this wine rack (
Or to what extent it will develop)
More perfect.
Read the next steps for more information. . .
Note: This is my first note and I am trying to be as thorough as possible.
If there is anything unclear or you have a genius to enhance the drink holder, please leave a comment so I can improve this note.
I try to keep the diversity of materials needed for this project. Use ebay (or similar)
Get parts that are not found in the local hardware store.
List of materials used in this project (
Number depends on the design and plugin selected)
Examples of tools required for Assembly: number of triple designs with full options Note: try to find stainless steel rebar if possible, these nuts and bolts are more expensive but also more durable, because they are not oxidized/rusted when they leave the outside.
The beverage rack consists of two joints (pink)
Screw on the M8.
The joint will be suitable for top support (ring)
And bottom support (plate)blue pieces.
I made a double drinking rack and three versions.
The only difference between the double and triple designs is the joint.
All other parts/plug-ins are interchanged for both designs.
OK, let\'s learn more about plastic parts.
Now that you know what products are available, it\'s time to decide whether you choose dual or triple or both (
Or combine more than two joints on one screw bar to accommodate more drinks).
Select and download a separate STL file, or get everything immediately by downloading the \"M8 beverage holder\" that comes with it.
The \"zip\" file at the bottom of this step.
All files are metric (in millimetres)
Note: If you don\'t have a 3D printer and you don\'t know someone has a 3D printer, you can consider printing files via a 3D hub.
Look at their website and you will be surprised how many 3D printers are available near you to print (
By the way, I am also a hub :-)!
Note: If you do not print the part yourself, it is wise to link this instruction to your printer male or female as this step contains important information for obtaining high quality (read strong)prints.
I am using PLA filament to print parts on my reprap 3D printer (
ABS, nylon, etc. should also be OK).
I am using Repetier host to control my printer and Slic3r to cut the 3D model (
I like open source! ).
These parts are designed for FDM printing, but they can also be printed with other 3D prototyping techniques (SLS, SLA).
Since other options are too expensive and may not produce solid parts, I recommend printing with FDM.
I am printing all parts with 3 solid top and bottom layers and 3 perimeter.
I printed the part at 0.
3 mmlayer height and 30% straight line filling (
More is also good but may be excessive).
These settings will guarantee you that you will end up with a continuous super component (virtually)for ever.
You can consider printing at a higher resolution (
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