12 Unusual Uses for Nails

by:Awards Medal     2020-01-12
Nails are a traditional fastener that has been in use for more than 1000 years and can connect things together or hang things up as hooks or hooks.
But what else can they be used?
This is a collection of 12 unusual uses of common metal nails.
Each step highlights one or more with non-
Traditional use of nails.
No ideas are shown here?
Be sure to leave a comment at the end and share!
Let\'s start with the idea of a DIY project that\'s pretty good --
Known: String art!
These string art maps are two great examples you \'ve made with wooden boards, nails, and chord music: string and nail art \"map of the World \"(top image)
Art Map through his chord music (bottom image)by scoochmaroo.
The techniques used to make string art are both simple and reproducible
Even for the makers of new things.
You should give it a try.
Want more string art ideas?
There are dozens of excellent string art guides on the website: Take a look here.
The style of this manual bottle opener has been around for many years and there is a good reason;
This is a simple and excellent idea.
There are several versions of wood here-and-
DingTalk bottle opener that has been shared on structures: magnetic bottle opener (top image)
A classic bottle opener was cracked by mikeasaurusass hay_jumperNail (bottom image)
With the sbanasWeathered magnetic bottle opener from m3g, you can use some old nails to practice a little bit of metal processing and make fake decorative knives.
Here are three forged knives Penny Billy took out of the nail.
This note covers the basic knowledge needed to annealing and forging ordinary nails into new objects.
You can use the same forging techniques shown in the Instructable in the previous step to make a variety of small metal objects, such as jewelry.
Author Fikjast Scott shows how to make the jewelry presented here in \"Instructable horse nail and cement nail jewelry.
Be sure to check out the particularly interesting \"pocket jewelry\" items. . a non-
Spinning toys-
What a new idea! !
In addition to decorative forging items, you can also use forging and welding techniques to make gadgets, just like the calipers shown here.
The guiding calipers taken out of the wire nails by the itchy sauce demonstrate a variety of practical techniques, albeit small --
Tools of size.
Author rimamonsta shows you how to make a DIY version of pin art toy in her nail wall instructions.
This toy shows a 3D repetitive shape on the front of the pin, no matter what is pressed on the back of the pin. .
Or in this case, DingTalk!
This is a classic puzzle that is said to have existed for at least 150.
This is a simple puzzle consisting of a pair of the same curved nails that are connected together and separated --
But the way to do this is more tricky than it seems.
I made the Instructable curved nail puzzle which covers how to make this puzzle and how to solve it.
Nail the nails on the stump to show your strength.
For rules, suggestions, and game programs, please see how to play the DingTalk (Stump)
Smith Allen studio
Small metal nails are an integral part of this magic opening box created by author Fathomlis.
Check out the structure to see how this box was made and the secret to lock and unlock it.
A bunch of rusty old nails?
Do a work hammer with them! It\'s meta. . l!
Author timsway shows you how to be in his teachingWorking! )
Steam Punk hammer to recycle nails.
Have you made a wooden thing that you would like to dress up with some metal accents? Use nails!
See how the author AverageJoesJoinery made these great coasters under his guidance, and how to make beverage coasters with nail inlays.
This is a classic nail puzzle that even leaves the sharpest tool in the shed.
Can you balance it (or two)
A nail on a nail stands upright on a board?
The following instructures show the version of how to make this puzzle and how to solve it.
Check it out: balance 10 nails on one nail by bullcraphow to make a gravity puzzle (Brain Game)(image above)
King of random balance nail puzzle by Miguel Augusto, this is my understanding of popular nailsthrough-block-of-
Wood tip: impossible nails in wooden blocks like objects that look against physics and logic, and more \"impossible\" objects I make.
If you want to make a similar object or just see how this is done --
Be sure to take a look at my instructions above. Well now . . that\'s it!
Nails can be used not only as fasteners and pins for hanging items.
Have you ever thought about anything else?
Typical unusual use of nails?
Share your thoughts in the comments!
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